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Valentine Ball

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March 19th, 2004

05:25 pm - Garden
Multi colored fairies line the walkways in the garden, illuminating the way for guests. A soft and sweet aroma of flowers floats in the air. Shadowed alcoves are ready to hold lovers.

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05:24 pm - Dinning Room
The dinning room has a impressive spread laid out for when the guests get hungry, the house elves have clearly worked over time. Delicacies from Ms. Parkinson's home county of France predominate, but enough English food is there for those who aren't adventurous.

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05:23 pm - Ball Room
The ball room is decked out with more of the fairies of light floating around the celling. Light music is provided by a live band, who will be playing waltz and chamber music for the first part, followed by a dancing beat when the students arrive.

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05:23 pm - The Floo
The first sight that the guests who arrive by Floo see is a human servant ready to dust them off and take their coats. They are then ushered into the entry way to meet the hostess.

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05:23 pm - The Entry Way
Marie Parkinson stood in the front entry way, ready to great the guests as they arrived. A table sat near her with a house elf ready to hand out the party favors, , to the guests as they arrived. She was dressed in vanilla silk and looked as well off as her money allowed her to be. Small glittering fairies flitter around her dress in complicated patterns.

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February 17th, 2004

05:48 pm - THE UNMASKING
Now that the ball is over, I give you the characters that have responded to my request to "unmask".

If I have not put your character on here, it is because I did not know. An excellent job to all who participated- I think you will find a few "surprises".

Pirate: Harry Potter
Muskeeteer: Arthur Weasley
GW Bush: Ron Weasley
Pharoah: Walden MacNair
Slave: Molly Weasley
Mobster: Lisa Turpin
Mata Hari: Terry Boot
Broom: Blaise Zabini
French Maid: Oliver Wood
Dementor: George Weasley
Turtle: Pen Clearwater
Succubus: Neville Longbottom
Giraffe's Head: Fred Weasley
Giraffe's Ass: Percy Weasley
Convict: Mundungus Fletcher
Dracula: Sirius Black
Mad Cow: Kingsley Shacklebolt
Britney Spears: Bellatrix Lestrange
Fairy: Katie Bell
Marilyn Monroe: Ade Pucey
Spock: Charlie Weasley
Vampire Hunter D: Dean Thomas
Shrubbery: Vincent Crabbe
Sid Vicious: Severus Snape
the Broadmoor Brothers: the Lestrange brothers
Gypsy: Ajeya deAncaris
Angel: Daphne Greengrass

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February 15th, 2004

If all characters currently on the Astronomy Tower would move to this thread, it would be appreciated. This battle is NOW being waged.. once the wands start whipping out, anyone who is milling around the bottom and could logically see this may join in.

The current costumes in the vicinity are: the muskeeteer, the pharoah, the slave, GW Bush and Mata Hari.

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February 10th, 2004

06:32 pm
I will update this list as more non-player characters are taken, so keep your eyes on it.

**EDITED: 2.14.04**

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04:48 pm - FILCH'S OFFICE
Post within...

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04:47 pm - THE DUNGEONS
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